Annual Conference Committee:
Organizes QRCA Annual Conference.
Sidney Clewe, Co-Chair
Anya Zadrozny, Co-Chair

Content Committee:
The Content Committee works to create useful content across all QRCA publications, both internal and external-facing.
Roben Allong, Chair

Field Committee:
The Field Committee works to promote the highest level of professionalism, accuracy, and honesty in recruitment, field facility use, and treatment of respondents.
Michelle Finzel, Chair

Global Outreach Committee:
Encourages, supports and services international members and chapter development around the world.
Corette Haf, Co-Chair
Ilka Kuhagen, Co-Chair

Industry Relations Committee:
Responsible for how QRCA interacts with the qualitative industry as a whole, including strengthening relationships with external audiences and related industry associations.
Liz Van Patten, Co-Chair
Susan Sweet, Co-Chair
Jennifer Dale, Co-Chair

Marketing Committee:
Works to increase the stature of QRCA by building awareness of and familiarity with QRCA among potential members and those who purchase the services of qualitative research consultants.
Melanie Bernstein, Chair
Monica Zinchiak, Co-Chair

Membership Committee:
The Membership Committee is focused on increasing the value of QRCA membership, retaining current members and attracting new members.
Philip Smith, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Marconi, Co-Chair

Qcast Committee:
Plans QRCA-sponsored monthly webcasts on qualitative research topics. QCasts provide professional education opportunities to market researchers and marketers.
Rachael K. DuPerrieu Chair
Liz Van Patten

QRCA Advance Committee
Abby Leafe, Chair

QRCA Connections Committee:
Write and edit for monthly online publication
Laurie Bredenfoerder, Chair

QRCA VIEWS Committee:
Publishes QRCA VIEWS magazine quarterly.
Jenifer Hartt, Editor-in-Chief
Michael Carlon, Managing Editor
Susan Saurage-Altenloh, Managing Editor

Sponsorship Committee:
Lynn Greenberg, Chair

Worldwide Conference Committee:
Plans and implements the QRCA bienneal International Conference.
Susan Sweet, Co-Chair
Peter Totman, Co-Chair

Young Professional Grant Committee:
Shannon Danzy, Chair

Task Forces and Advisory Committees

QRCA Historian
Diane Harris

Investment Advisory Group
Jim Berling

Qualitative Excellence Award
Kayte Hamilton, Tory Gentes

Jeff Walkowski

committee chairs


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